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Prisoner No More (A Guide to Freedom Through Godly Thinking)

Prisoner No More (A Guide to Freedom Through Godly Thinking)


Everything you’ve ever done (good or bad) and all you will experience in the future are tied to your thoughts. Have your thoughts always taken you where you want to go? If not, then change them. You do not have to be a prisoner of undesired consequences of random thoughts. You have the ability to embrace purposeful thoughts and propel yourself into the abundant life that produces peace, positive relationships, success in business, Spirit-led ministry, and fulfillment of purpose.


In this dynamic book, Christine Evans will explain the importance of aligning your thinking with the Word of God. She will expose common misperceptions and misinformation that tend to impede the minds of believers, attempting to imprison them through their thoughts and rob them of their abundant life and identity in Christ. Through scriptures, prayers, and exercises, Christine shares how to experience the rich and satisfying life that God intended.  

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